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The Pang and Kennet Countryside Project

Book titled "In the Valley of the Pang" edited by Dick Greenway and Dorcas Ward. Friends of Pang and Kennet Valleys (publisher) 2002

Promotional items concerning the exhibition and trail walk events hosted by The friends of Pang and Kennet Valleys

Location: Reading, Berkshire

The Seven Stars

Booklet titled "The Seven Stars"

Boxford Masques, a community collaboration. By Charlotte Peake, adapted by Geraldine McCaughrean. Contains theatre programme

Leaflet titled "Boxford War Memorial" concerning the memorial construction and historical information

Location: Boxford, Newbury, Berkshire

The Escaped Nun

A short film based on the true story of Margaret Moult, a young woman who, in 1909, escaped from a Benedictine convent in East Bergholt. Film has a run time of 70 minutes

Location: North West region

A Tanner a Night

VHS tape titled "A Tanner a Night: the everyday work of a boat house stable on the Trent and Mersey Canal". Produced by Sight Seen Partnerships, collaboration with British Waterways, Rent and Mersey Canal Society and The Boat Museum

Location: North West region

The Oldershaw Heritage Project

Bound booklet titled "The Oldershaw Heritage Project 04/05" concerning a heritage walk July 2005, exhibition panels showing historical information and documentation project outputs

Bound booklet concerning Oldershaw School community archives and history

Location: Wirral, Merseyside

Liverpool Heritage Pub Guide

CD-Rom concerning Liverpool heritage pub guide, holding five JPEG fils showing event launch, totaling 16.5MB, 12 February 2006

Booklet titled "Liverpool Historic Pub Guide" published by CAMRA Liverpool and districts, 2006

Location: Liverpool, Merseyside

Watch Making in Prescot in Victorian Times

"Samantha’s Dream" produced by St Mary and St Paul’s Primary School in partnership with Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Booklet titled "Watch Making in Prescot in Victorian Times"

Information leaflet

Bound booklet titled "Curriculum Pack"

Produced and hosted by Knowsley Museum Education Service, Prescot Museum, Knowsley, Merseyside

The Century's People

Two bound booklets titled "The Century’s People" concerning the stories of Fleetwood, Wyre, Fylde and Blackpool presented in music and song 1900 - 2000

Produced by The Thornton Cleveleys Brass Band. Songs copyright Tamlyn Music Limited

Playdays Community and Schools Project

Playdays community and schools project. Bound papers concerning the promotion of traditional games, positive play, healthy exercise and the history curriculum. File includes two cassette tapes. Papers hold activity information as to games to play

Location: Lancashire region

Barton, Bilsborrow and Myercough War Memorial Heritage Project

VHS tape documenting the festival of remembrance 10 July 2004. CD-Rom holding 10.3MB

Booklet titled "They Shall Grow Not Old 2003 - 2004" containing historical information per biographies of lost soldiers during wars, historical information concerning regional history and memorial history, description of project purpose and outputs

Two items concerning programme of events for the festival

Location: Preston, Lancashire

Cuerden Valley Park Community Wildlife Heritage Project

Cuerden Valley Park Community Wildlife Heritage Project

Bound booklet titled "Cuerden Valley Park: Invertebrate Surveys 2001" concerning a report for Friends of Cuerden Valley Park

Bound booklet "A Vegetation Survey of Cuerden Valley Park: a report for the Cuerden Valley Park Trust" October 2001, volume 1

Location: Preston, Lancashire

Mere Sands Wood

Eight leaflets concerning Mere Sands Wood on topics including the history of the region; the geology; the fungi; the wildflowers; the butterflies; the dragonflies; the bats; the moths.

CD-R titled "Seasons on the Wood 2004 - 2005 Mere Sands Wood" holding three VOB files, two IFO files, two BUP files totalling 403MB. Produced by Friends of Mere Sands Wood, concerning film documentation exploring regional wildlife heritage and geography

CD-Rom containing PDF of booklet titled "Seasons in the Wood" totalling 74.6MB. Paper leaflet also included in the file

Feasibility study researched by Andy Shaw on behalf of Friends of Mere Sands Wood, July 2004

Location: Ormskirk, Lancashire

Leyland Morris Men

VHS titled "Will it be fine do you think?" concerning the story of Leyland’s Morris Dancers

One booklet concerning historical information of the dancers

Location: Leyland, Lancashire

Historic Lathom: Long Lost Lathom Discovered

Booklet "Historic Lathom: Long Lost Lathom Discovered". Produced by Lathom Park Trust 2004

CD-R titled "The Medieval Deer Parks of Lathom in Lancashire". Produced by Lathom Park Trust, Volumes 1,2, and 3, November 2004. Includes JPEG files, MS Word documents, Publisher documents totalling 70MB

Bound booklet titled "Deer Park Survey" includes maps and survey data

Bound booklet titled "Duttons Farm Survey" includes maps and survey data

Bound booklet titled "A Vernacular Building Survey" includes maps and survey data

Bound booklet "Educational Pack for Key Stage Two students concerning the Earls of Lathom in Victorian Times"

Location: Lathom, Lancashire

Apple Blossoms

Booklet titled "Apple Blossoms, Eccleston" regarding regional information concerning farms and their activities

Location: Eccleston, Lancashire

Eccleston Heritage Trail

Booklet titled "Eccleston Heritage Trail". Contains regional historical information and regional map

Five Eccleston Apple Blossoms postcards concerning regional recipes, includes two promotional Apple Day items

One leaflet promoting Heritage Day, Saturday 8 March 2003, concerning promoting events such as workshops, walks

Booklet titled "Creative Minds Eccleston Apple Blossoms". Contains project research, activity, community artist output, project report 2002

Booklet titled "Apple Blossoms" containing project information, historic information, recipes and regional maps

Bound file containing a creative minds project evaluation report, includes photographic documentation

Bound file includes information concerning the heritage trail, produced by community environmental trust (the green centre)

Location: Eccleston, Lancashire

The Horrocks Project

Booklet titled "Jeremiah Horrocks Astronomer (c.1618 - 1641) and His Times" by Robert and Hazel Yates, produced by Chorley Civic Society occasional paper number 6. Contains biographical information, historical heritage information, recipes

Booklet and leaflet concerning the celebration of the transit of Venus in Chorley. Contains promotional information concerning project activities

Booklet titled "Jeremiah Horrocks and the Transit of Venus" children's activity booklet

Celebrating the 2004 transit of Venus, film celebrates the achievements of 17th century astronomer Jeremiah Horrocks. Run time 22 minutes held on two BUP file, two IFO file, two VOB file, totalling 466MB

Second CD-R contains circa 20 JPEG, MOV files & MS word documents showing documentation of heritage activity. An interactive space quiz is also included. Disk totals 16MB

Location: Chorley, Lancashire


Booklet titled "Caton–with–Litterdale" concerning four walks around the parish. Contains maps, and regional heritage information

Location: Caton–with–Litterdale, Lancashire

Can You Dig It?

Booklet titled "Strines: A House and it’s People" concerning a history of the farmhouse and local region

Bound booklet titled "Strines, Brinnington, Stockport: an archaeological evaluation"

Bound booklet titled "Strines, Brinnington, Stockport: An Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment"

Location: Greater Manchester region

Hall Lee Bank Park Local Nature Reserve Project

Booklet titled "People and Places Around Westhoughton"

Leaflet titled "People and Places Around Westhoughton"

People and Places Around Westhoughton, researched by Dave Fearney, for friends of Hall Lee Bank Park

One CD-Rom holding Hall Lee Bank Pack, information concerning site history and project details, one TIFF file totalling 9.40MB

One CD-Rom containing documentation of the nature reserve project, 13 JPEG files totalling 58.9MB. 27 February 2002. Concerns heritage and historical information concerning region

Location: Westhoughton, Greater Manchester

Purim Now and Yesterday

Booklet titled "Purim Now and Yesterday" concerning project introductions and outputs

Booklet "Fourth and Magazine" produced by BNOS Yisroel Primary school

Loose papers pertaining to school project feedback

Two bound activity booklets

Project produced by BNOS Yisroel Primary school

Location: Salford, Greater Manchester

History of Royton Hall

CD-Rom totaling 520MB, includes two PowerPoints titled "History of Royton" and "Victorian Royton".

CD-Rom includes PowerPoint concerning the History of Royton Hall and Royton Hall Archaeological Excavation, totalling 226MB

DVD concerning Royton Hall Excavation. Film concerns documentation of the excavation. Run time of 33 minutes held on three VOB files, two BUP files and two IFO files

CD-Rom holding 50 JPEG files documenting excavation and scanned historical photographic images, totalling 147MB

Location: Royton, Greater Manchester

Birch Hill Heritage Project

DVD holding a total of 3.30GB, titled "Under the Clocktower: a creative interpretation of the life of Birch Hill Hospital". Includes documentation of Babbling Vagabonds Storytelling Theatre performance, presentation of hospital archives

Location: Birch Hill Hospital, Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Deeplish Flagged Fence

CD-R titled "Deeplish Flagged Fence: Deeplish School Wall October - November 2002". Containing a PowerPoint presentation, 128 JPEG files concerning photographic documentation of project, totalling 77MB

Two booklets (same title CD-R) concerning regional heritage and history of the school

Location: Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Mellor Archaeological Project

Bound booklet titled "The Hillfort at Mellor: 10000 years of occupation" concerning site history, project activity and outputs

Two Bound booklets titled "Excavations of the Hillfort at Mellor, Stockport: Interim report 2000 and 2001 season (volume one and two)". Report by Stuart Holden, University of Manchester Archaeology Unit

Bound papers titled "Geophysical Survey of Three Areas at Mellor, Stockport, 2002". A programme of research carried out on behalf of the Mellor Archaeological Trust by GeoQuest Associations, 2002

VHS titled "Ancient Mellor Revealed"

Booklet titled "Mellor Archaeological Trust: The Hillfort at Mellor: update on 2001 excavations" Booklet titled "The Hillfort at Mellor Excavations 1998 - 2002". Both booklets concern historical information , project activity and documentation of outputs

One bound volume "Mellor Iron Age Hill Fort: A Geophysical Survey Report" July 2003

One bound volume "Excavation Report for the 2002 Season at Mellor, Stockport" incorporating a review of the pottery, a small funds report and a flint artefact report

Littleborough Town Design

CD-Rom "Littleborough Town Design Statement and Heritage Statement" held on two PDF files, totalling 65.1MB

CD-Rom containing "Littleborough Town Design Statement Phase 2" includes two PDF files containing project overview and report, totalling 66MB

Bound booklet "Littleborough Civic Trust: Town Design Statement June 2003", report dated 30 January 2004. Littleborough: A Heritage Submission

Bound papers titled "Final Draft for Littleborough Town Design statement" 21 February 2004

Bound papers titled "Development Site Supplement 2003"

Bound papers concerning Littleborough history, produced by Littleborough Historical and Archaeological Society

Produced by Littleborough Civic Trust

Location: Littleborough, Greater Manchester

Heywood Then and Now

Bound booklet produced by Heywood Memories Society

One CD-Rom totalling 28.2 MB containing one PowerPoint presentation

Location: Heywood, Greater Manchester

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