Search Help

Search tips

The catalogue provides three search options:
• Simple search
• Advanced search
• Browse

Simple search

1.Enter a query in the search box. Use a single keyword or more advanced queries. Putting a phrase in "double quotation marks" will search for that exact phrase e.g. "Shaftesbury Hall" or "St Paul's College"

  1. Press enter

Advanced search

1.Click on the seach box and then "Advanced search"
2.Enter a word or phrase. You can pick which field to search e.g. "Title" or leave this blank to search all fields
3.By clicking on "Add new criteria" you can include or exclude other search terms e.g. "Edward Thomas" AND "Robert Frost"
4.You can choose to apply search filters on the right hand side of the screen e.g. click on "Top-level descriptions" to search a specific collection or "Media type" to search audio-visual material
5.Click on "Search" at the bottom of the page


1.Click on “Archival descriptions” (titles), “Authority records” (creators), “Subjects”, or “Digital objects” to browse an alphabetical list of titles, creators, subjects, or digital material
2.The list displays as “Most recent”, showing the most recent additions to the catalogue first

  1. Click on “Alphabetic” or "Reference code" to sort by these criteria

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