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Vincent Corbett Drawings

Comical drawings of Rowland and Cherry Watson on postcards and paper. Includes a postcard with illustration by Eric G McColl entitled "A Page from the Life of a P S U". With ink annotations

Vernon Bartlett

Typescript poems "Sunset on the Lake", "The Song of the Wind", "Souvenirs of Florence" attributed to Vernon Bartlett. Also includes a note by Rowland Watson stating he lived with Bartlett in Berlin from 1913-1914

Hanslip Fletcher

Hanslip Fletcher [b.1874 d.1955] was an artist and the letters discuss his drawings. Includes pencil annotations

Hanslip Fletcher

Exhibition programme for "Changing London & Other Drawings" at The London Museum November - December 1927 and two editions of "The Journal of The Royal Society of Arts" with articles "The Art of Hanslip Fletcher" and "London from the Pavement"


Single letter from E H W Meyerstein offering sympathy for her loneliness, quote from John Stoddart [friend of Wordsworth written 1801] handwritten by Rowland for Sanchia on her marriage and compliments card from Lyn and Sanchia Metcalfe on their wedding day, 6 December 1944

Articles and Publications 1940s

"Books in General" by V S Pritchett published in The New Statesman and Nation, 22 March 1947. Refers to a lecture by Rupert Brooke given to Cambridge University's Fabian Society in 1911

"The Artist Once" published in The Times Literary Supplement, 22 March 1947. Review if "Democracy and the Arts" by Rupert Brooke

Letter from Iolo A Williams published in The Times Literary Supplement 5 April 1947 querying the date of Rupert Brooke's lecture "Democracy and the Arts" at Cambridge

Cutting with photograph of the unveiling of a plaque to Edward Thomas at 61 Shelgate Road, Battersea c.1949

Newspaper cuttings regarding the steep memorial and plaque at 61 Shelgate Road, Battersea

Includes letter written by John Haines regarding subscriptions to the Steep memorial published in the Gloucester Journal 4 April 1936, Features in The Times and Hampshire Observer reporting on memorial unveiling on the Shoulder of Mutton and at Berryfield Cottage with photograph, and a report in the News Chronicle on the unveiling of a plaque at 61 Shelgate Road, Battersea. Two articles mounted. With pencil annotations

Helen Thomas

Programme for Battersea Grammar School Prize Distribution ceremony for the Upper School awarded by Helen Thomas on 22 December 1937 and typescript of "A North Country Kitchen in the 'Eighties" by Helen Thomas, recounting her childhood in Southport

Ian MacAlister

Ian MacAlister [b.1878 d.1957] was a friend of Edward Thomas. Refers to letters of Edward Thomas now held at Battersea Public Library . Includes pencil annotations


Includes photograph of portrait of James Guthrie by his son Robin, unveiling of the Edward Thomas memorial plaque at Berryfield Cottage featuring John Masefield and Helen Thomas, unveiling of the Edward Thomas memorial plaque in London featuring Helen Thomas, postcards of landscape at Otford, Dunton Green, Kent, Lord Horder, and Cherry Watson, Myfanwy Thomas and Anne Mallinson at The Selbourne Bookshop in Steep

Eleanor Farjeon

Handwritten letters, notecards and a programme for the production of "The Two Bouquets" by Eleanor and Herbert Farjeon at Piccadilly Theatre. Also includes Christmas greetings cards from Eleanor featuring poems "St Mary Axe", "The Children's Carol", "Joseph with the Infant Jesus", "A Wish", "The Mother's Song", "Child's Carol", "The Third Joyful Mystery", "Sweet Ass", "A Manger Song" and "The Week After". One notecard sent for the wedding of Lyn and Sanchia is written on a notecard illustrated with doves and dated 25 November 1842

Notes on meeting Robert Frost

Full notes of Eleanor Farjeon's last meeting with Robert Frost during his return to England in 1957 which were used as the basis for her foreward to Frost's posthumously published volume of poetry, "You Come Too" [original title "Come With Me"]. Written in Farjeon's hand in the margin "Robert Frost - written rapidly an[d)] inconsecutively - must be arranged in its order - Try to describe his way of talking"

Writing of Rowland Watson

Includes handwritten notes and typescripts "A Remarkable Pair: Bob Saunders and Geoffrey Williams", "Helen Thomas" written for The Times after her death, and "Lord Horder" written after his death

Draft forewords to "You Come Too"

Handwritten and typescript drafts of Farjeon's foreward to Frost's posthumously published volume of poetry "You Come Too" including revisions and corrections. The foreward was drawn from the notes Farjeon made in 1957 of her last meeting with Frost on his return to England during that year. Page 12 is missing. Title was originally "Come With Me"

Robert P Eckert Jr

Eckert was a biographer of Edward Thomas and wrote to Watson about Thomas. Includes newspaper cuttings and an article Eckert wrote on James Guthrie and The Pear Tree Press. Includes pencil annotations

Theresa Whistler

Theresa Whistler was the second wife of artist Laurence Whistler, who designed the Edward Thomas memorial window at Eastbury. Refers to the "Memoirs of Edward Thomas" being compiled by Watson, and Meyerstein. Includes pencil annotations

K C Harrison

Letters from K C Harrison, City of Westminster Librarian, accepting donation of memoirs of Miss Ethel Marston. With pencil annotations

Vernon Bartlett

Refers to etchings, the poem "Calf Love", meetings with Alan Thomas [friend of Edward Thomas] and Helen Thomas, life since his wife died and his publications

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