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Research conducted by the Local Heritage Initiative (LHI) in 2004 revealed teachers found lesson plans too prescriptive. A need was identified for ideas and activities that could be integrated into a teacher’s own classroom requirements. Online resources provided lesson plans for key stage 3 (KS3) subjects, but educational resources that generated ideas about teaching local heritage were scarce.

In order to collect feedback from teachers, LHI staff joined discussion forums on the Times Educational Supplement (TAS) website in September and October 2004. The result of this consultation showed that many teachers would prefer to use curriculum linked ideas sheets to teach local heritage rather than lesson plans.

The activity sheets were produced for geography, history and citizenship subject areas. Each sheet contains a series of ideas linked to the National Curriculum and the QCA/DfES schemes of work.

The sheets were designed to encourage teachers to include local heritage in their lesson plans. They enabled teachers to fulfill the demands of the National Curriculum while at the same time allowing them to create tailor made lesson plans based on their specific needs.

The activity sheets allowed teachers to interest and inspire young people to find out more about local heritage and community projects. To ensure that this material continued to provide a useful local heritage resource for teachers, the resources was offered to other organisations.

All the activity sheets were updated at the beginning of 2006, with intention that activity sheets could be used as a stand-alone resource after the closure of the Local Heritage Initiative programme.


Following publications of reports which begin to explore the benefits of community archives, the study alerts the profession as to the much less well-documented community history groups. These are more common than community archives and bring equally strong benefits, collecting material as a bi-product of their activities

Author: Victoria Goodwin.

Celebrating 80 years of Cambridgeshire Community Life

Bound report titled "Four Score Years and Then", a community show to celebrate eighty years of Cambridgeshire Acre. Written and directed by Michael Burrell and produced by Ramsey Rural Museum & Ely Maltings . Two booklets promoting events, regional history and heritage

Location: Ely, Cambridgeshire

Spring Head (Giants Grave)

Bound volume titled "Historical and Archaeological Investigations of Spring Head (Giants Grave) Cherry Hinton, Cambridge", authors Graeme Clarke and Michelle Bullivant. Produced by Active8 Archaeology

Location: Cambridgeshire

Rochford World War Two Defences

Produced by the Rochford Hundred Field Archaeology Group. Records concern digital photographic documentation of the environment, with accompanying reports reviewing the history and heritage of the site

The Escaped Nun

A film based on the story of Margaret Moult who in 1909 escaped from a Benedictine convent in East Bergholt. Produced by East Anglian Community Projects, run time 70 minutes

Location: East Bergholt, Suffolk

The Hitcham Roman Villa Dig

DVD titled "The Hitcham Roman Villa Dig 2005 - 2006". Filmed documentation of the project, run time 77 minutes

Bound volume titled "The Hitcham Roman Villa". Produced June 2006, concerning a final report into the archaeological excavation

Location: Hitcham, Suffolk

Red Feather Club

The history and heritage concerning the 95th Bomb Group Heritage Association. File includes a School Pack heritage / history information papers, and promotional leaflets

Location: Horham, Suffolk

An Appreciation of Sudbury’s Ancient Common Lands

Bound booklet titled "An Appreciation of Sudbury’s Ancient Common Lands". Author Adrian Walters, produced by Sudbury Common Lands

Bound file titled "Sudbury Common Lands Environmental Improvements". On behalf of Sudbury Common Lands Charity and The Environment agency. Authors Kirsty Smith and Mike Harding

Location: Sudbury, Suffolk

Eyam Village

File includes a leaflet titled "The Eyam Map" published 2000

DVD titled "The Eyam Village Interactive Information Pack" holding 526 MB that includes films of interviews and demonstrations

DVD titled "LHI Project Eyam ref EM00009" Includes 20 JPEGS, 18 TIF files, 127 MB total. Includes images concerning map leaflet images, graphics, layout

The Eyam Village CD, interactive information pack with audio & movie recordings. LHI reference EM00875, holding 526 MB

Location: Eyam, Derbyshire

Discover Braunston

Booklet titled "Discover Braunston" concerns history of the village

Leaflet titled "Discover Braunston" information concerning walks around the village and information on village landmarks

CD titled "Discover Braunston" includes leaflet / booklet master copies, circa 1000 JPEG files, saved web pages, interactive PowerPoint poetry slides totaling 86.8MB. Produced by Braunston History Society

33 colour photographic prints 185mm x 135mm, items have captions on the back, concern project event documentation

Location: Braunston, Northamptonshire

Cogenhoe and Whiston Heritage Society

A century of change Cogenhoe 1901 - 2000, author Steven Hollowell, published by Cogenhoe and Whiston Heritage Society, 2003

DVD titled "Voices of Cogenhoe", two DVDs holding nine audio tracks. Content written and produced by Ted Barnes, Val and Tony Loader. Published by Cogenhoe and Whiston Heritage Society

DVD titled "Cogenhoe and Whiston, Cogenhoe and Whiston Heritage Society" holding 8 TIFF files, one Word document totaling 702MB. Includes eight photographic images concerning documentation of interviews, historic photographs of which the images are indexed

Location: Cogenhoe, Northamptonshire

Bingham Heritage Trails

Published by Bingham Heritage Trails Association. Topics concerning Bingham Heritage Walks; built heritage; a geological history; Prehistoric & Roman; Anglo-Saxon & Medieval; natural history

Location: Bingham, Nottinghamshire

Holme Pit

CD-Rom titled "Holme Pit DESILT 05" includes archaeological, chemical, invertebrate and hydrocarbon reports, school activities, project case study. Totaling 155MB, includes one PDF file and ten word documents

CD-Rom titled "supporting photos" holding thirteen 13 JPEG files totaling 29MB

CD-Rom titled "Holme Pit" photographs, documenting repairs, open days, enactments of industry activity, 22 JPEG files totaling 35MB

Project report titled "An Archaeological watching brief at Holme Pit, Clifton, Nottingham" February 2005

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