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Ibberson, Agnes

  • P0012
  • Person

St Mary's student 1904 - 1906

Jacques, Katie

  • P0467
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1958 - 1960. Former wife of John Jacques, St Paul's College student 1957 - 1959

James, David

  • P0509
  • Person

MA Fine and Media Arts, Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education, 1998 - 1999

Jenkins, Freda

  • P0131
  • Person

Daughter of Mary Minett, St Mary's student 1912 - 1914

Jetelová, Magdalena

  • P0447
  • Person

Magdalena Jetelova was born in 1946 in Semily, Czech Republic. She studied in Prague 1965 - 1971 and took the opportunity to work for a year in Milan with Marino Marini in 1967 - 1968

In 1983 she showed a “staircase” work at Tate Gallery, London, and subsequently had a one-person exhibitions at Riverside Studios, London (and a work in Kensington Gardens which was too large to show at Riverside Studios) , Arnolfini, Bristol and the Silvia Menzel Gallery, Berlin. She participated in the Hamburg Peace Biennal in 1985, the Sidney Biennal and Documents, Kassel. She was awarded first prize at the Philip Morris exhibition in Berlin and one of her most important works was acquired by Centre Pompidou, Paris. Resident until recently in the Czech Republic, she now lives in Germany

Magdalena Jetelova’s giant primitive structures were shown at the Riverside Studios, London and the Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol in 1985. She has also shown in the Sydney Biennale and at Documenta, Kassel

Johnson, Edith

  • P0102
  • Person

St Mary’s student 1909 - 1911

Jones, F Edith

  • P0432
  • Person

St Mary’s College student 1926-1928

Jones, Michael

  • P0472
  • Person

Great grandson of Cheltenham Training College student Walter Jones (1871 - 1873)

Kemeys, Brenda

  • P0048
  • Person

Former staff member - Principal's Secretary

Knight, Nellie

  • P0341
  • Person

St Mary's student 1912-1914

Lamballe, Louis J

  • P0251
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1934 - 1936
Old Students' Association Secretary

Lambert, Isabelle

  • P0463
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1950 - 1952

Langmaid, W O

  • P0419
  • Person

St Paul's College student c.1956 - 1958

Larkins, Basil

  • P0506
  • Person

Son-in-law of Marian Hopkins, St Mary's College student c.1937, and grandson-in-law of Mary Eleanor Williams, Cheltenham Training College student c.1915

Larsen, Hilary

  • P0169
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1944 - 1946

Laws, Eric

  • P0113
  • Person

Husband of Penuel Laws neé Stewart, St Mary's College student 1955 - 1957

Lea, G Audrey

  • P0136
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1922 - 1924

Lee, A J

  • P0003
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1953 - 1956

Lee, Ivy

  • P0179
  • Person

St Mary's student 1909 - 1911

Lees, Tim

  • P0446
  • Person

Tim Lees studied Geology and Stone Masonry and trained as a geologist at Bristol University. His first one-man exhibition was in 1986 at the Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol. Tim Lees has sited his sculpture on the top of the Rose in Hand coal mine, a disused drift mine overlooking the wooded Cannop Valley. Inspired by the idea of extracting material from the heart of the forest, he has cut the centre of a six-ton piece of stone from a nearby quarry and carved it into a smooth form that contrasts with the rough surfaces of the seven foot high flanking pieces. These remain standing uncarved like megalithic stones, of which there are several examples in the Dean. The central core of the stone resembles a fish leaping out of the stone, an appropriate image given the proximity of the rivers Severn and Wye, and symbolising hope and rebirth

Lewis, Peter J

  • P0498
  • Person

St Paul's College Student 1965 - 1969

Lightstone, Jimmy

  • P0482
  • Person

Brother Anthony attended St Paul's Practising School

Lloyd, John B

  • P0212
  • Person

Cheltenham Training College student 1886 - 1887
French lecturer at St Mary’s 1904 - 1928
President of the Western Chelt Club

Lock, Jonathan

  • P0494
  • Person

Son of Trevor James Lock, St Paul's College student 1939 - 1941

Lonsdale, Martin

  • P0273
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1955 - 1958

Low, Stephen

  • P0395
  • Person

College of St Paul and St Mary student 1981 - 1984

Luen, S A

  • P0381
  • Person

St Paul's student 1912-1914

Mable, Mary A V

  • P0274
  • Person

Cheltenham Training College student 1873 - 1874

Maddock, Tom

  • P0406
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1960 - 1963

Margrett, Anne

  • P0023
  • Person

Daughter of Reg A Riley

Marsh, Dennis

  • P0075
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1966 - 1969

Marsh, Jan

  • P0198
  • Person

Jan Marsh is President of the William Morris Society, a trustee of the William Morris Gallery and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. Her publications include "Edward Thomas: A Poet for his Country" (1978) and "Back to the Land: The Pastoral Impulse in England from 1880 to 1914" (1982)

Martin, Thelma

  • P0462
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1956 - 1958

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