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Clarke, Pauline

  • P0352
  • Person

St Mary’s College student 1943-1945

Clist, L F

  • P0239
  • Person

St Paul's student 1912 - 1914

Collins, Alan

  • P0013
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1956 - 1958

Colvin, Dorothy

  • P0082
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1943 - 1945

Comer, Tony

  • P0485
  • Person

GCHQ Historian

Compson, Mike

  • P0285
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1964 - 1967
Old Students' Association Executive Committee member

Cooper, Jeff

  • P0204
  • Person

Jeff Cooper is the grandson of Lascelles Abercrombie. He was co-editor of the journal "Four Decades of Poetry, 1890-1930" between 1976 and 1979, Chairman of the Friends of the Dymock Poets from 2011 until 2014, and founded and edited the "Dymock Poets and Friends" journal from 2002-2015. He helped instigate the Dymock Poets collection at Cheltenham and Gloucestershire College of Higher Education, and is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Gloucestershire

Cooper, Joy

  • P0221
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1956 - 1958

Copeland, Tim

  • P0511
  • Person

Ex-staff member, University of Gloucestershire

Corben, Jean

  • P0429
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1951-1953

Corker, R J

  • P0364
  • Person

St Paul’s student c.1908-1910

Costin-Voyce, Julia

  • P0224
  • Person

Daughter of J J Voyce, St Paul's College student 1923 - 1925

Cotterell, R G

  • P0363
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1931-1933

Cotton, Sue

  • P0490
  • Person

Daughter-in-Law of Leslie John Cotton, maintenance man at St Paul's College late 1970s to early 1980s

Coultas, A D

  • P0001
  • Person

St Paul's student 1907 - 1909

Course, Cathie S

  • P0056
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1938 - 1940

Cowell, Doreen J

  • P0080
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1935 - 1937

Cox, Nellie

  • P0339
  • Person

St Mary’s student 1913-1915

Crisp, T H

  • P0402
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1921-1923

Crowe, Penny D

  • P0354
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1960 - 1963 [first three year course intake]

Cutsworth Green, Ellen

  • P0109
  • Person

Daughter of Hannah Fallding, Cheltenham Training College student 1851 - 1852

Dabell, Norman

  • P0346
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1947-1949

Darke, Andrew

  • P0452
  • Person

Andrew Darke is an artist with an extensive career nationally and internationally. His work spans a number of fields and includes pieces for siting both indoors and outside. Early work was principally wood sculpture, often on a large scale relating to landscape. Recent 3D work is also responsive to the elements, wind and water particularly, and is fired by a passion for the outdoors and wilder places. Photography, video and sound recording works bring outdoor experiences inside for contemplation.

As a founding member of an artists' group (Art & Place) in the early nineties, renamed PLACE in 1995, Darke began work to reduce the impact of infrastructure developments on the environment and also engaged on urban regeneration projects. PLACE's focus in Cardiff Bay was on qualities of the bay which would subsequently be erased by the building of the Cardiff Bay Barrage. Work with the mobile phone industry, the Countryside Agency and the Forestry Commission to reduce the impact of mobile phone masts in the landscape followed and currently PLACE is working as an official consultee for National Grid and is calling for the undergrounding of 400kV and other power lines. These consultations are now changing National Grid’s working practices.

The environmental theme running right through Darke's work is underpinned by the conviction that retaining, and being able to have access to, land which is not dominated by humanity is crucial for the well being of us all and for many other species. He was invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) in 2008 for his work in arts and environment.

Davies, Miles

  • P0451
  • Person

Miles Davies was born in Leigh, Lancashire in 1959. After a Foundation Course at Leamington Spa School of Art 1978 - 1979, he took a BA Honours Fine Art at Brighton Polytechnic 1978 - 1981 and subsequently at Manchester Metropolitan University with a Henry Moore Fellowship 1992 - 1993.

He has exhibited in one person and group exhibitions in England, France and Germany since 1980 with the assistance of awards from the British Council, the Bristol City Council and the Henry Moore Foundation. Miles Davies has undertaken commissions in several parts of England and his work is in collections in England, France and Germany.

Davis, Barbara

  • P0037
  • Person

Friends of the Dymock Poets committee member

Davis, Marjorie

  • P0268
  • Person

St Mary's student 1912 - 1914

Davis, W F J

  • P0415
  • Person

Cheltenham Training College student 1900-1902

Dearman, Karen

  • P0510
  • Person

Great grand-niece of Mary Wingfield, widow of Herbert Wingfield, Cheltenham Training College student 1907-1909 who died during the First World War

Dee, Albert J

  • P0016
  • Person

Cheltenham Training College student 1893 - 1894

Dewick, Barbara

  • P0038
  • Person

Niece of Audrey Clarke, St Mary's College student 1924 - 1926

Dilworth, D

  • P0064
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1926 - 1928

Dixon, Helen

  • P0512
  • Person

Daughter of A E Cook, St Paul's College student 1929-1931

Dixon, J

  • P0182
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1929 - 1931

Drake, Carole

  • P0450
  • Person

Carole Drake was born in Bristol in 1963. She did an Art Foundation Course at Filton Technical College, Bristol 1980 - 1981 and then studied for a Joint Honours BA in Fine Art and Art History at Reading University from 1985 and an MA Fine Art at Newcastle Polytechnic in 1992. She subsequently obtained the National Certificate in Horticulture at Kirkley Hall College, Ponteland, Northumberland 1997 -1998

Since 1992 she has undertaken a number of installations in different parts of England in connection with residencies and production awards, with radio and television coverage and has held a number of teaching and administrative posts in art history and visual culture

She was artist in residence in the Forest of Dean in the summer of 1995 and in 1997 had the Galloway Forest Park Residency, Dumfries and Galloway. Most recently, she had a Year of the Artist Residency at Kingston Maurward College, Dorchester, Dorset

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