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Can You Dig It?

Booklet titled "Strines: A House and it’s People" concerning a history of the farmhouse and local region

Bound booklet titled "Strines, Brinnington, Stockport: an archaeological evaluation"

Bound booklet titled "Strines, Brinnington, Stockport: An Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment"

Location: Greater Manchester region

Hall Lee Bank Park Local Nature Reserve Project

Booklet titled "People and Places Around Westhoughton"

Leaflet titled "People and Places Around Westhoughton"

People and Places Around Westhoughton, researched by Dave Fearney, for friends of Hall Lee Bank Park

One CD-Rom holding Hall Lee Bank Pack, information concerning site history and project details, one TIFF file totalling 9.40MB

One CD-Rom containing documentation of the nature reserve project, 13 JPEG files totalling 58.9MB. 27 February 2002. Concerns heritage and historical information concerning region

Location: Westhoughton, Greater Manchester

Purim Now and Yesterday

Booklet titled "Purim Now and Yesterday" concerning project introductions and outputs

Booklet "Fourth and Magazine" produced by BNOS Yisroel Primary school

Loose papers pertaining to school project feedback

Two bound activity booklets

Project produced by BNOS Yisroel Primary school

Location: Salford, Greater Manchester

History of Royton Hall

CD-Rom totaling 520MB, includes two PowerPoints titled "History of Royton" and "Victorian Royton".

CD-Rom includes PowerPoint concerning the History of Royton Hall and Royton Hall Archaeological Excavation, totalling 226MB

DVD concerning Royton Hall Excavation. Film concerns documentation of the excavation. Run time of 33 minutes held on three VOB files, two BUP files and two IFO files

CD-Rom holding 50 JPEG files documenting excavation and scanned historical photographic images, totalling 147MB

Location: Royton, Greater Manchester

Birch Hill Heritage Project

DVD holding a total of 3.30GB, titled "Under the Clocktower: a creative interpretation of the life of Birch Hill Hospital". Includes documentation of Babbling Vagabonds Storytelling Theatre performance, presentation of hospital archives

Location: Birch Hill Hospital, Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Deeplish Flagged Fence

CD-R titled "Deeplish Flagged Fence: Deeplish School Wall October - November 2002". Containing a PowerPoint presentation, 128 JPEG files concerning photographic documentation of project, totalling 77MB

Two booklets (same title CD-R) concerning regional heritage and history of the school

Location: Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Mellor Archaeological Project

Bound booklet titled "The Hillfort at Mellor: 10000 years of occupation" concerning site history, project activity and outputs

Two Bound booklets titled "Excavations of the Hillfort at Mellor, Stockport: Interim report 2000 and 2001 season (volume one and two)". Report by Stuart Holden, University of Manchester Archaeology Unit

Bound papers titled "Geophysical Survey of Three Areas at Mellor, Stockport, 2002". A programme of research carried out on behalf of the Mellor Archaeological Trust by GeoQuest Associations, 2002

VHS titled "Ancient Mellor Revealed"

Booklet titled "Mellor Archaeological Trust: The Hillfort at Mellor: update on 2001 excavations" Booklet titled "The Hillfort at Mellor Excavations 1998 - 2002". Both booklets concern historical information , project activity and documentation of outputs

One bound volume "Mellor Iron Age Hill Fort: A Geophysical Survey Report" July 2003

One bound volume "Excavation Report for the 2002 Season at Mellor, Stockport" incorporating a review of the pottery, a small funds report and a flint artefact report

Littleborough Town Design

CD-Rom "Littleborough Town Design Statement and Heritage Statement" held on two PDF files, totalling 65.1MB

CD-Rom containing "Littleborough Town Design Statement Phase 2" includes two PDF files containing project overview and report, totalling 66MB

Bound booklet "Littleborough Civic Trust: Town Design Statement June 2003", report dated 30 January 2004. Littleborough: A Heritage Submission

Bound papers titled "Final Draft for Littleborough Town Design statement" 21 February 2004

Bound papers titled "Development Site Supplement 2003"

Bound papers concerning Littleborough history, produced by Littleborough Historical and Archaeological Society

Produced by Littleborough Civic Trust

Location: Littleborough, Greater Manchester

Heywood Then and Now

Bound booklet produced by Heywood Memories Society

One CD-Rom totalling 28.2 MB containing one PowerPoint presentation

Location: Heywood, Greater Manchester

Carrbrook, Stalybridge Tameside

Bound booklet titled "Carrbrook, Stalybridge Tameside: An Archaeological Assessment of Textile Village". A report by Carolanne King and Dr Michael Nevell, University of Manchester Archaeological Unit

Booklet titled "Carrbrook Local Heritage Trail", concerning regional information

Disk titled "Carrbrook Heritage Group" holding one PowerPoint presentation totalling 109 MB

Disk titled "Carrbrook, Stalybridge, Tameside" concerning selected images from the topographical survey, circa 30 TIFF files totalling 2.04MB

Two disks titled "Carrbrook Images" unmodified digital images of the sites covered by Gazetter, circa 150 JPEG files totalling 468MB; a further circa 150 JPEG files totalling 239MB

Location: Carrbrook, Greater Manchester

100 Years in Worktown

Community arts project in Bolton, Lancarshire, creating an exhibition and theatre play documenting local working lives throughout the 20th century

Booklet concerning biographies of those featured during the project

Location: Bolton, Greater Manchester

Smithills Comes … Alive

VHS titled "Smithills Comes … Alive", the history of the Great Hall concerning tour and heritage of Smithills Hall

Magazine titled "Smithills Hall and Park Trust" concerning project activity and output

Location: Bolton, Greater Manchester

Exploring Canals

A series of loose papers produced by Chester Canal Heritage Trust concerning a teaching resource

Book titled "The Old Chester Canal: a history and guide" edited by Gordon Emery, on behalf of Chester Canal Heritage Trust

Location: Cumbria region

South Tyne Trail

Leaflet titled "South Tyne Trail". Includes local historical information, heritage information, regional map

Produced by East Cumbria Countryside Project

Location: Cumbria region

Cumbrian Story Project

One booklet titled "The Cumbrian Story Project" concerning theatre productions &and regional history

Three bound theatre script volumes

Produced by Gurwen Heritage Theatre

Location: Cumbria region

The Bessemer Converter

One CD-Rom Pertaining to Workington community heritage interpretation: The Bessemer Converter. 17 JPEG files containing historic photo images, exhibition documentation, presentation of a cheque, totalling 40MB

Location: Workington, Cumbria

St Catherine’s Landscape Survey

CD-rom holding circa 200 JPEG files, 20 MS word documents, concerning historical information, historical photographs, site photographs, six reports condensing information in PDF format, totaling 430MB

Location: St. Catherine's, Windermere, Cumbria

The Hound Trailing Association Limited

Two VHS tapes, bundle of information leaflets, one booklet concerning Hound Association history and current activities

Project titled "The Screen Lassess Story", pertaining to a booklet titled “Ah’d Gaa Back Tomorra!” memories of West Cumbrian Screen Lasses

One CD-Rom containing Lasses Stories held on 5 VOB video files totaling 1.02GB

One CD-Rom titled "Fire in Her Belly: The Second Lasses Play". Written by Nicholas Corden, held on six VOB video files totalling 3.67GB

Location: Whitehaven, Cumbria

Celebrating 40 Years Education

CD-Rom concerning Celebrating 40 Years of Education, Stainton School January 1965 - December 2004. Contains interactive presentation including school history, image gallery and quiz, totaling 101MB

Book titled "Celebrating 40 Years Education: Stainton CE Primary School", compiled by Peter Shelton, c.2005

Location: Penrith, Cumbria

Kirkby Stephen Charter Fair

Bound volume titled "Kirkby Stephen in 1605: The Year of the Second Market Charter". Report by Margaret Gowling MPhil

Two leaflets concerning programme of events October 2003

Transcribed information pertaining to the Kirkby Caller October 1605

Kirkby Stephen Charter Fair, five leaflets concerning heritage activities, project outputs, regional historical information, 27 - 28 October 2001

Bound Booklet concerning historical information concerning the Market Charter of 1353

Location: Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria

Lighthouse Restoration

One CD-Rom includes circa 30 JPEG files concerning restoration documentation

VHS titled "Haverigg Lighthouse"

Two leaflets concerning Hodbarrow Lighthouse heritage and history

Location: Haverigg, Cumbria

Egremont Castle

Leaflet titled "Egremont Castle"

Bound booklet titled "Egremont Castle Copeland: archaeological building investigation". Produced by Oxford Archaeology North, June 2002

Bound booklet titled "Geophysical Survey Report"

Location: Egremont, Cumbria

Life on the Fell: Phase Two

One booklet, one postcard and 12 items concerning Heritage Walks in the Winster Valley. Guides to walking in the valley, with introductions to the regional heritage. Researched and written by members of Cartmel Fell and District Local History Society

Location: Cartmel Fell, Cumbria

Life on the Fell

Book titled "Life on the Fell: a pictorial chronicle of a Lakeland community". Authors Helen Caldwell, Jennifer Forsyth, John Caldwell, Beryl Offley on behalf of Cartmel Fell and District Local History Society

Location: Cartmel Fell, Cumbria

Cast Iron Signpost Restoration Project

Bound booked titled "Cast Iron Signpost Restoration Project: A report of the history of Cast Iron Signpost and Origin of place names with the parish of Dalston" November 2005

Leaflet titled "Cast Iron Signpost Restoration Project", produced by Dalston Parish Council, concerning heritage walks

Folder titled "Dalston Parish Council Signpost restoration project: photographic record as existing March 2003, completed 2004"

Location: Carlisle, Cumbria

Burneside Preserving Our Heritage

CD-Rom contains opening page for LHI project information, training and case studies, totaling 22.8MB

CD-Rom totaling 181 MB, includes an audio narrated history, presentation concerning Newpower presentation by Burneside Heritage Group, held on one WAV audio file, one PowerPoint presentation, one M4A audio file, one AIF audio file

Location: Burneside, Cumbria

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