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Yorkshire Region

Idr Axhalmr Butsekarlborg, a generic guide, author PJ Gillison, Matt Jones

Booklet detailing Celtic, Saxon, Viking and Norman names, with further information on clothes, colours, materials, patterns, jewellery and weaponry

Location: Yorkshire region

Life Dahn t’ Pit

Booklet titled "Life Dahn t’ Pit" concerning memories from miners at Gomersal Pit. By Spen Valley Civic Society, August 2005

CD-ROM titled "Miners Memorial" Spen Valley Civic Society holding 287 JPEG files including photographic documentation of memorial construction, installation, curation, activities and memorial design, dated 2004, totaling 220MB

Leaflet concerning the coal mine history

Location: Gomersal, West Yorkshire

Gildersome Baptist Church

Gildersome Baptist Church, two bound booklets containing final report January 2006. Project report showcasing children's drawings and activity during the project

Location: Gildersome, West Yorkshire

Fitzwilliam Archive Project

One CD-ROM disk holding HTML website containing film stills, photographs, historic information concerning the community, totaling 68MB. Collaboration between Fitzwilliam Archive Group and One to One Productions

Location: Fitzwilliam, West Yorkshire

Castleford High School

Two CD-ROM disks concerning Regeneration the film. Castleford High School. Contains film interviews with a running time of 15 minutes. Held on two VOB files, two IFO files, two BUP files totaling 893MB

Location: Castleford, West Yorkshire

Judy Woods Project

Booklet titled "A Short Guide to Judy Woods"

Leaflet "A Brief Guide to Judy Woods" produced by The Friends of Judy Woods

Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire

Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity. Celebrating 50 years of Cultural diversity in Bradford, VHS tape. Film concerning education resources for teachers

Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire

The Captain Cook Memorial Museum

Captain Cook Memorial Museum Whitby. Mounted colour photograph showing sculptures

Information booklet titled "Curiosities from the Endeavour: A Forgotten Collection"

One DVD containing video showing the Cook museum with audio. Video aboard the HMS Bark Endeavour. Slides of archaeological work I the kitchen artFX advertising and experimental film, totaling 1.16GB, dated March - October 2004

Location Whitby, West Yorkshire

Old Bell Chapel Action Group

CD-ROM concerning views of the pathway under construction, Thorton Old Bell Chapel, totaling 47.6MB consisting of 20 JPEG files documenting the site. Dated May 2005

CD-ROM holding IBID circa 100 JPEG files documenting the site, totaling 203MB. Dated May 2005

Leaflet concerning the restoration project at Thornton Church, produced by Old Bell Chapel Action Group 2006

Location: Thornton, West Yorkshire

River Colne Heritage Project

Leaflet titled "The Wells in Wellhouse" concerning project objectives and historical information

Booklet titled "Rivertime" concerning artist statement and published poems

Two promotional leaflets

Location: River Colne, West Yorkshire

Batley Cemetery Chapels

Book titled "Batley Cemetery Chapels: Two Towers" environmental concern

Booklet titled "Power and Influence: Batley Cemetery Walks No. 4" by Malcolm Haigh

Leaflet concerning creating a wildlife pond

Leaflet concerning Batley twin chapels

Information sheets concerning Cemetery Life (loose papers)

Bound booklet concerning Batley Cemetery education resource pack

Booklet titled "Batley Cemetery: The Story So Far"

Location: Batley, West Yorkshire

Meanwood Quarries and Quarrymen

Meanwood Quarries and Quarrymen produced by the Meanwood Village Association.

Booklet titled "Over 100 Years of Cricket at Meanwood". Author Cynthia Ruston, published by Propagator Press, copyright Cynthia Ruston

Booklet titled "Meanwood Quarries & Quarrymen". Author Cynthia Ruston, published by Propagator Press, copyright Cynthia Ruston and Stuart Dunning

One CD-ROM titled "No Stone Unturned: Meanwood Village Wall Restoration

Location: Meanwood, West Yorkshire

Friends of Gipton Wood

Archaeological survey of prehistoric earthworks in Gipton Wood

Leaflet prepared by Friends of Gipton Wood concerning promotion and activity of organisation

Bound report titled "Gipton Wood, Roundhay Road: […] a topographical survey and archaeological assessment of the earthworks". Produced by Rhona Finlayson, York Archaeological Trust, 2004

Bound report by Leeds City Council concerning Gipton Wood management plan 2005 - 2010

On CD-ROM concerning the Friends of Gipton Wood, holding 25 JPEG files containing activity / event documentation, artefacts, site photography. Includes an index, totals 71.7MB

Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire

The Jamaica Society of Leeds

VHS tape titled "Strangers with Blood Ties: The Story of Caribbean Child Migrants". Produced by A Jamaica Society (Leeds). Dramatised documentary based on the experiences of four child migrants c.1960s - c.1970s

Book titled "A Journey Through our History: The Story of the Jamaican People in Leeds and the Work of the Jamaican Society" (Leeds). Author Melody Walker 2003. Published and copyright. Produced by A Jamaica Society (Leeds)

One CD-ROM titled "Our Journey! Our history!" totaling 148MB

Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire

History of Kippax

Book titled "A History of Kippax" by Kippax District Historical Society

Leaflet concerning a short guide to an historical village

Location: Kippax, West Yorkshire

East Keswick

East Keswick Millennium Book concerning a thousand year history of the Domesday Book Village. Published by East Keswick Millennium Group

Location: East Keswick, West Yorkshire

The Iron Makers of Myers Wood

Booklet titled "The Iron Makers of Myers Wood" concerning a Medieval enterprise in Kirkburton, Huddersfield an archaeological summary. Summary by Granville Clay, Gerry McDonnell, Bonwell Spence and Robert Vernon. Published by Huddersfield and District Archaeological Society (copyright holder), March 2004

Bound booklet Huddersfield and District Archaeological Society and Department of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford. Joint archaeological project to investigate the Myers Wood iron-working site, Huddersfield Interim Archaeological Report, October 2003

Location: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Tales of the Mills

Book titled "Tales of the Mills: Life in the Mills in the Holme Valley from 1900". Produced by Holmfirth Friend to Friend

Location: Holme Valley, West Yorkshire

Barwick Earthwork Project

Bound booklet titled "Barwick Earthwork Project: Geophysical Survey". Produced by Archaeological Services Wyas, April 2006 report no 1518

Location: Barwick in Elmet, West Yorkshire

Time and Chance

Time and Chance. Grass Roots Theatre Group

Grass Roots Theatre Group DVD, Includes event documentation, awards ceremony, filmed theatre performance, totaling 4.26GB

Location: Cawthorne, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Dacre Pasture Project

Two booklets, four colour photographic prints, a bound booklet titled final report 2004

Lest Cudworth Forgets booklet.Published by The Cudworth Local History and Heritage Group

Cudworth, South Yorkshire


Leaflet promoting musical concerning history of strikes in the 20th century. Produced by Northcliffee Comprehensive School.

One CD-ROM disk concerning collaboration between arts organisations and local schools, interactive audio program concerning children reciting what they learn concerning strikes, working in the mine and performing songs, totaling 68.6MB

One CD-R, holding 12 JPEG files including final selected images, totaling 25MB

Location: Conisbrough, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Bolsterstone Community Project

One book titled "Bolsterstone in Living Memory: Voices from a Moorland Parish". Produced by Bolsterston Community Group

One CD-ROM disk concerning Bolsterstone Community Project. Holding one PowerPoint documentation concerning Oral History Day, six TIFF files concerning archive photographs c.1880-c1900s. 17 JPEG files concerning documentation of project development, photographic documentation of the site under construction and completed, totaling 64MB

Location: Bolsterstone, South Yorkshire

Potters Corner

Booklet concerning a guide to St Margaret’s Churchyard, Swinton, South Yorkshire. Author Ken Wyatt, published by Propagator Press, copyright retained by Ken Wyatt

Loose papers concerning report on the local regional wildlife to the church, by Green Spaces Unit, May 2005

CD-ROM titled "Potters Corner Compilation" film with a run time of 39 minutes

CD-ROM holding circa 200 JPGS concerning site clean up, activity, images of gravestones

Location: Swinton, South Yorkshire

Corpesway Project

One CD-ROM disk holding circa 200 JPGS with site photography and documentation of individuals in stone crafting workshop, totaling 218MB

Location: Swaledale, North Yorkshire

High Hazel’s Park Restoration

High Hazels Park Formal Garden

One CD-ROM disk holding four PDF files containing project leaflets about park history, activity, project purpose, outputs, totaling 80.4MB

Loose papers concerning consultation events, maps, architectural drawings, images, project planning

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Ecclesall Woods

Ecclesall Woods, resources for schools. Woodlanders worksheets held in a bound booklet. File includes Ecclesall Woods education pack. Produced by Friends of Ecclesall Woods

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

One World Tree Project

CD-ROM disk concerning tree planting day holding circa 70 JPG files concerning tree planting activity an site photography, interactive HTM website views, totaling 200MB

Magazine titled "Tree Tales and Trails". Concerning the history of Abbeyfield Park, children's drawings and project documentation.

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Archaeology of the Middle Porter Valley

Leaflet titled "Reading the Landscape in the Porter Valley" concerns historical information and regional map

Bound booklet titled "Porter Valley Landscape History and Archaeology, Final Report, April 2004"

Bound booklet titled "Field Boundaries in the Upper Porter and Mayfield Valleys 2003/4" November 2004

Bound booklet titled "Plants in the Porter Valley and Their Ecology" c. 2004

Reports produced by Friends of Porter Valley

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Gleadless Valley Community Greenspaces Project

Leaflet titled "The Woods and Countryside of Gleadless Valley"

File titled "Gleadless Valley Landscape History and Archaeology". Concerns a preliminary archaeology and historical landscape survey of selected green spaces within Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Part 1 Survey report and catalogue August 2001.
Author P A Ardron BScm PhD

File titled "Orchard Regeneration Study". Produced by Sheffield Organic Food Initiative for Gleadless Valley Wildlife January 2001

File titled "Gleadless Valley Flower-Rich Meadows Survey and Monitoring Plan Intrim Report July 2001". Produced by Gleadless Valley Wildlife Trust, Sheffield Wildlife Trust

File titled "Gleadless Valley Flower-Rich Meadows Survey and Monitoring Recommendations Final Report January 2003". Produced by Gleadless Valley Wildlife Trust, Sheffield Wildlife Trust

File titled "Gleadless Valley Landscape History and Archaeology: Recommendations and Interpretations October 2002". Author P A Ardron BScm PhD

File titled "Gleadless Valley Wildflower Meadows Conservation and Management Recommendations January 2003"

Gleadless Valley Hedgerow Survey Report January 2003

File titled "Gleadless Valley Archive Report September 2002"

File titled "An Assessment of the Historical Trees of the Gleadless Valley September 2002"

File titled "Fueling a Revolution Educational Materials"

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Wharncliffe Heath Nature Reserve

Loose papers, two leaflets produced bt Sheffield Wildlife Action Partnership

Leaflets concern Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve

Loose papers concern Wharncliffe Heath Nature reserve management plan 2003 - 2008, produced May 2003

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

The Sheffield Round Walk

Leaflet "Beauchief Abbey, South Sheffield" concerning a 12th century Premonstratensian monastery

Booklet titled "Ranger Events May - September 2004"

Booklet titled "The Sheffield Round Walk". Produced by Parks Woodlands and Countryside

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Fox Lane Recreation Ground Ecological Survey

"Fox Lane Recreation Ground Ecological Survey" by Paul Ardron, Jennifer Argent, Paul Howden-Leach and Ian Rotherham. From Hallam Environmental Consultants Limited and Sheffield Hallam University, bound booklet final report. Commissioned by Frecheville and Birley Countryside Organisation

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Roystone to Royston

Royston’s Meadsteads, a case study of a village governance its rise and fall. Produced by the Wea, Royston history group. Booklet, author EL Edmonds (copyright holder) 2002

Book titled "Roystone to Royston". Produced by Royston and Carlton Community Partnership, 2001

Location: Royston, South Yorkshire

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