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Horatio Bottomley

Two booklets concerning the theatre production programme and biographical information per Horatio.

Theatre play at Alfriston War Memorial Hall.

VHS tape titled Horatio Bottomley, performed by the Alfriston Players. Filmed documentation of a musical concerning the life of Horatio Bottomley.

Location: Alfriston, East Sussex.

Brighton history

Book titled Churchill Square revisited a lost Brighton community, by Andrew Walker. Published by Brighton Books Publishing. Concerning the history of Churchill Square prior construction.

Book titled Preston: Downland village to Brighton Suburb, produced by Preston Village millennium project, published by Brighton Books Publishing.

Location: Brighton, East Sussex.

The Mayfield Habitat Survey 1997-2002

Leaflet titled The Figure of 8 walk around Mayfield, East Sussex, includes regional map.

Booklet titled History in the Making, The Mayfield Habitat Survey 1997-2002, concerning project context and story. Published by Mayfield Environmental Group 2005.

Sussex Biodiversity record centre, three plastic balloons with file

Location: Mayfield Parish, East Sussex.

Rotherfield parish

Booklet titled Rotherfield guide book, includes parish map and rights of way, regional history & geography information.

Location: Rotherfield, East Sussex.

Waldron at war

VHS documenting theatre play, run time 135 minutes, the making of the play with a run time 22 minutes.

File titled Waldron at war includes rationing project users pack, concerning recipes and menus by Marguerite Patten OB. Introduction paper by Kathryn Webster MSC BA, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton, produced by Wealden District Council.

Two promotional items advertising community play.

Booklet containing historical information and theatre play information.

Location: Waldron, East Sussex.

The Maid's Story

Nine photographic prints and leaflet documenting the performance. Leaflet concerns the theatre programme, produced by Waldron Community Players.

Location: Waldron, East Sussex.

Aveley Park project

Leaflet titled Belhus Park Heritage Trail, produced by Essex County Council.

Bound volume titled Aveley Park Project: An area based action plan (incorporating Belhus Chase). Report includes projects context and management plan.

Loose information sheets concerning project context, regional history and regional map.

Location: Belhus, Essex.

70th London Company Boys Brigade

One DVD holding four VOB files concerning films concerning history of the company, present day activities, totaling 1.87GB.

One DVD containing filmed reunion, totaling 1GB.

Location: Borough of Wandsworth, Greater London.

Food growing puzzle

Leaflet titled The Lea Valley’s food growing puzzle. Pieces of the past, present and future. Concerns projects activity and regional map with geographic information, produced by OrganicLea.

Location: Walthamstow, Greater London.

Lansbury festival

Booklet titled Lansbury Festival May-Sep 2001, concerning activities occurred at festival and evidence of impact.

Location: Borough of Tower Hamlets, Greater London.

Educational resource pack

Titled Local History and Geography in the National Curriculum, a guide to the facilities and resources available at the Twickenham Museum. For key stage 1 and 2.

Location: Richmond on Thames, Greater London.


Magazine titled Brentham, issue 141, Jan 2001. Concerning activities and news from the Brentham Society.

Magazine Local History Magazine, Nov/Dec 2000, No. 82.

Book titled Brentham, a history of the pioneer garden suburb 1901-2001. Forward by Prince of Wales.
Published by Brentham Heritage Society (copyright holder).

Cassette Tape titled BBC live.

Location: Ealing, Greater London.

Kingswood house

VHS tape titled The Castle, video by Kingswood Youth Video Project. Concerning film concerns documentary of Kingswood House and the surrounding woodlands, the 400 year regional history, culture, heritage Wood. Produced by The friends of Kingswood House.

Location: Dulwich Wood, Greater London.

Kingswood estate

Booklet and information activity leaflets concerning Kingswood, a history of the house and surrounding estate.

Bound file titled Kingswood House, it’s estate and woodlands, a video history project, producer Dulwich Society, contains project record. Produced by Dulwich Society .

Location: Dulwich, Greater London.

Project reclaim

File containing photographic documentation, project activities and repors, concerning the renovation of the Bell Tower and the Pergola, Bonneville school. Contains childrens drawings, documentation of school visit to Kew Gardens.

Location: Clapham, London.

Tidgrove Warren farm

Bound file titled Tidgrove Warren Farm, geophysical survey report, Nov 2003. Concerning the project report, produced by Archaeological Prospection Services of Southampton, University of Southampton.

Location: Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Braishfield memories

Book titled Braishfield Memories, complied and edited by Susan Buxton. Produced by Braishfield Parish Council, published by Braishfield Memories.

Location: Braishfield, Hampshire.

Buriton heritage bank

Two booklets titled Buriton, concerning parish history and research results of community interviews
Produced by Buriton Heritage Bank Initiative over a two year period 2001-2003.

File includes historical regional Buriton maps, produced by Buriton heritage bank.

Seven booklets concerning regional heritage and historical information, research findings, wildlife review.

18 bound booklets concerning the regional history, heritage, regional geography, community activities.

One item containing project photographic documentation.

Location: Buriton, Hampshire.

Highclere past and present

Booklet titled Highclere past and present. Highclere School around 1910. Produced by Highclere Parish Society 1999-2003.

One CD_Rom concerning photographic documentation of heritage activity, archive photographs, exhibition event, totaling 40.3MB.

Talking the journey

Talking the journey, spoken history of New Forest Gypsies oral history project.

One DVD totals 1.13GB held on three VOB files, two BUP files, two IFO file. Films contains interviews with a 15 minute running time.

One CD-Rom titled Martin’s photos book oralhist. Holding one audi track titled Sanvean, one presentation titled Children in the Wind, documentation concerning Gypies and Travellers living in the New Forest area, totaling 70MB.

Loose papers titled Children of the wind, photographs and information concerning the project.

Location: New Forest, Hampshire.

North Waltham parish

Two leaflets concerning regional heritage, history and trail map. Copyright Hampshire County Council,
produced by North Waltham Parish Council.

Location: North Waltham, Hampshire.

Friends of HWTMA

Friend of HWTMA dive of to victory video, includes one item of correspondence. Film concerns short diving trip taking place of ancient mooring site of HMS Victory Portsmouth harbour. One CD-Rom totaling 40MB.

Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Selborne in living memory

Booklet titled Selborne in Living Memory 1900-2000, contains information concerning regional history.

Promotional leaflet concerning advertising an exhibition 3-4 Nov 2001.

Two large ringbinder files titled An artwork for Selborne volumes one and two Illustrated project report of all artwork occurring within the environment with artists, local residents, 2004-2005.

Selborne, Hampshire

Woodland Festival

One item titled Welcome to Park Wood, produced by Wood Trust. Promoting Woodland Festival 2002.

Produced by The Friends of Park Wood 2000, leaflet concerning the history of Park Wood.

Booklet titled The History of Park Wood, Waterlooville. Produced by The Friends of Park Wood, 2001.

Location: Waterlooville, Hampshire.

Hampshire & Wight Trust for Maritime Archeology

Magazine titled Search, annual report 2001/2002, Maritime Archaeology.

Two CD-Rom disks totaling 120MB holding seven JPEG files, pertaining to under water video footage Boulder Cliff Oct 2003.

One CD-Rom titled HWTMA Submerged Secrets of the Wight, includes photos videos educational pack held on two MPG video files, one excel document, one publisher document. Circa 20 TIFF files containing images concerning NAD 2003, Coastal Walk, Bouldnor Cliff and Alum Bay & Needles. Totaling 650MB.

Floppy disk titled Hampshire & Wight Trust for Maritime Archeology 20 Jun 2003 concerning budget and in kind donations, Jun 2003.

Location: Isle of Wright region.

Remembering Ryde

CD-Rom containing circa 20 JPEGs concerning event documentation, totaling 66MB, 18 Jan 2006.

Four VHS titles concerning documentation about Ryde in the c1950s, made by resident young people.
Film concerning music on the Isle of Wight c1950. Film titled Babycham Night, made for the Homeground series BBC2, produced by Ryde Development Trust.

Location: Ryde, Isle of Wight.

The Boat Trail a heritage trial linking Cowes and East Cowes

One CD-Rom titled The Boat Trail a heritage trial linking Cowes and East Cowes, holding circa 300 JPEG files pertaining to photographic documentation, includes floating bridge before, during and after launch day 25 May 2003. All signs on the route and in progress images. Totaling 394MB dated 2003.

Leaflet titled The Boat Trail, a heritage trail linking Cowes and East Cowes, contains regional map and heritage guide.

Location: Cowes, Isle of Wright.

Red Squirrel Safari

Leaflet titled Red Squirrel Safari, promoting a trail walk in Parkhurst Forest.

Item titled Gift to Nature, produced by Island Trust 2000.

Location: Newport, Isle of Wight.


Book titled Warningcamp, concerning community history, produced by Woodfield publishing, Mary Barber author (copyright holder), 2002.

Location: Warningcamp, West Sussex.

Hidden gems

VHS titled Hidden Gems, a unique journey into Walberton’s rich heritage brought to life by Walberton Films Ltd (producer) (copyright holder).

Location: Walberton , West Sussex.

Southwick fun day

Two Two CD-R totaling 30.3MB and 44.1MB including 20 JPEG files containing event documentation, 10 JPEG files concerning Lynnes Painting Workshop – containing photographic documentation from workshop.

Location: Southwick, West Sussex.

Shoreham at War

Book titled Shoreham at War concerning the people of Shoreham, Kent 1939-1945. Produced by Shoreham & District Historical Society.

Location: Shoreham-by-sea, West Sussex.


Book titled Milland: Living Memories, compiled by Val Porter, concerning interviews with community residents. Produced by Milland Memories Group.

Book titled Milland: The Book by Val Porter. Published and copyright with Milland Memories Group 2003.

Location: Milland, West Sussex.

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