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"After the Dancing Dogs" by Michael Henry

Published by Enitharmon Press, London. Signed. Includes the poems:

Boulevard Theatre
In September
Call No Country Blessed
End of the Affair
Cranefly of the North
For Oliver
Old England Fall
Dunstanburgh Heugh
Snowdrop Sunday
Please Don't Disturb
Waiting for Oxbridge
The Golden Bauhinia
The Stroke of Midnight
Monomatapa Hotel
Diamond Paviour
A Chrysoprase Necklace
The Train Was On Time
A Small Town in Germany
Sixty Shades of Black
Year of the Phoenix
Goodbye to Berlin
Vaut le Voyage
Ship's Manifest
Command Performance
Prairie Justice
The Consultant
The Divinity Tapes
Night of the Iguana
Prairie Envoy
The Hat People
A Geographical Cure
Spirit-Houses on the Highway
Anomimo Inglés
Cave Painting at Altamira
Universida Pontifica
A Sagittarian Abroad
Château de Montflaux
La Canicule
Château Fever
La Grande Brocante
Nizza La Bella
Custom of the Country
Fortnight in Settignano
Medici Florin
Villa di Nerezza
Domani Rosa
Nuns in Milan Cathedral
Snapshot of Assisi
George Orwell's Birthday
Bitten by the Muse
And Now There Are Seven
House with the Green Shutters
Requiem in Tangiers
Your Declaration of Independence
To My Daughter Overseas
People Carrier
Bush Telegraph
Chicken Bulawayo
On Being Celibate of You
Reading the Runes
Seigneur de Terrasse
Back-Seat Poet
Blue Moon
Critique of Pure Love
Birth of the Ark Royal
Not Distant But Time
The Aston Farm Stampede
The Washpool
Ageing Hippie
In Perfect Alignment
Battle of Britain
Waking the Dead
Symphony in Static
April's Next Top Model
The Knowledge
The Gorse Fields
Anatomist's Snuff-Box
Bluebell Time
Security Blanket
In Granite Sparkle
Whistling for Blue
From the Foreshore
The Night Fisherman
Little Egret
Pompey Chimes
Boy on Beach
Par Avion
Inhaling for England
Spring-Heeled Jack
The Swimming Dachshunds
The Crash Team
On Utah Beach
Sword in the Frieze
My Mother's Linguaphone Records
In the Thick of It
The Hokey Cokey
The Music of Silence
Footnote to a Footnote
In Times of Carnival
Nacht und Nebel
In the War Museum
A Tiny Thing
Herodotus de Nos Jours
Teaching Them French
Teaching with Tourette's
Prunes de Damas
The Jurassic Philosophers
Death of a Supply Teacher
Caduceus for My Grandfather
Gone with the Wind
Wrestling with Raphael
On Tennyson Down
Dream Catcher
The Vegreville Road
Nappe de Brouillard
Searchlight Tattoo

"An Ocean in My Ear" by Michael Henry

Published by Enitharmon Press, Petersfield. Signed. Includes the poems:

Occam's Razor
Kangaroo Start
Blue Vinney
Cloud Cuckoo
Street Name
Paper Dragon
Credit Union
Hush Puppy
Tohu Bohu
Southern Comfort
Dutch Print
Summer School
Bar Sinister
Stagnant Pond
Sheep Market
Short Commons
Peppercorn Rent
Kitty Hawk
Correspondence Wallah
Two Timer
Cloud Nine
Lombardy Poplar
British Bulldog
Second Début
Poem for a Ghetto Blaster
Brown Study
Fin de Siècle
Saint James's Way
University of the Air
Slipper Chapel
Left Footer
Winter Warmup

"Bureau of the Lost and Found" by Michael Henry

Published by Five Seasons Press, Hereford. Signed. Includes the poems:

Colophon for my Father
Introducing Doctor Steinrücke
The Patella Hammer
Dinner at the Adelphi
My Father's Report on Toulouse-Lautrec
Celestial Surgeon
The Manx Kitten
Clothes Maketh Man
The Lancet
Tinker, Tailor, Surgeon
The Lumber Garden
Suicide Watch
St Vitus's Dance
The Chinese Screen
Medical Map Restorer
The Typewriter Tuner
Contact Sheet
The Memorialist
Looking for Granddad
My Belgian Grandfather
A Franco-Prussian Alliance
Acte de Mariage
The Invisible Man
Bureau of the Lost and Found
Blood Meridian
Sage of Siedlinghausen
Rembrant's Tronies
Those Strange German Sayings
Tree of Man
Silver Sovereign Holder
Has Silver Airway
Vade Mecum
Two Teaspoonfuls of Latin
A Study in Scripture
Winchester St Cross
Bitter Sloes
Shakespeare Cliff
Samphire Hoe
Supermoon 19
The Measure of Blackberries
The Blossom Tree
Realia from Strasbourg
Random of Days
Paulownia Mania
Canard au Sang
Chicken Takeaway
The Sadness of Dogs
Cabinet of Curiosities
Salterley Grange
The Shakespeherian Rag
On the Rocks
On Milton's Birthday
Poem in Pluperfect Tense
Ascent of Cader Idris
Everton Mint
Go as a Pilgrim
Strictly Come Dying
Cimetière du Montparnasse
Square du Temple
The Unofficial Audio Guide
The Reluctant Travellers
A White Untruth
Psalm to the Arctic
The Teacherage
A Homecoming Rain
The Great Snow
The Crimson Sash
Hook on the Hoof
The Holy Icons of Drumheller
A Potlatch Quarter
The Greely Airshow
Thought du Jour
Going East Without You
Amor Omnia Vincit
Tired Ghost
Genius Loci at Queen's
Dating for Modern Linguists
Coldingham Sands
My Uncle's Cine Film
Funeral Kiss
Greater Expectations
Fresh Air
The Third Umpire
The Colour of Mourning
On Whose Side Was Love
Newcastle Brown
At Suicidal Point
Apprentice Piece
Siberian Wallflower
No Poem for Old Men
Digital Alchemy
Pièce Montée

"Footnote to History" by Michael Henry

Published by Enitharmon Press, London. Signed. Includes the poems:

Horses at Edge Hill Station
The First Crusade
Honour System
Red Currant Jelly
Chelsea Physic Garden
Lex Talionis
A Glass-Stoppered Bottle
House of Doctors
My Grandfather's Scalpel
Pigeons of Hafodymyn
Merchant Ivory Poem
Train Band, 1930
World's End, Clwyd
The Lieutenant's Account
For the Missing
Summer of Thirty-Nine
The Wealth of Poland
Matters of No Small Importance
Dover's Powder
Number 77 D.S.C.
Breaking the Code
Paraphrasing Churchill
The Card-Players
Commonplace Book
Dicing for Marks
Rommel Roulette
Hospital Pass
Jump Sunday
Corporal Violet
Distressed British Seaman
Implements of War
Ringing the Bell with a 'D'
Demob Suit Hero
Gentleman's Relish
Lulworth Skipper
Honesty Box
Franciscan Uncle
Welsh Tweed
House Charge
No Need to Let Us Know
Distant Relative
Phantom Bride
Replenish the Earth
Badges in the Snow
Lobb's Farm
Let It Stand
Slow Train to Lime Street
Dead Sea Scrolls
Previous Addressee
Small Is Beautiful
Quarter Century Club
Footnote to History
On the Troopship
The Welsh Pox
Charter Party
At the Crematorium
The Prisoner

"Lenten Visitor" administration

Two letters from James Sale, The KQBX Press, to Michael Henry regarding the publication of "Lenten Visitor" 30 April 1984 and 2 July 1984

Letter from James Sale, The KQBX Press, to Michael and Tricia Henry regarding reviews of "Lenten Visitor" 11 June 1986

Three letters from Stephen Stuart-Smith to Michael Henry regarding future publication with Enitharmon Press 5 May, 2 June and 23 June 1986

Photocopy of typed review of "Lenten Visitor" by Peter Forbes, Editor of "Poetry Review" c.1986

Photocopy of review of "Lenten Visitor" by John Lancaster. Published in "Iron" February - May 1987

"Lenten Visitor" by Michael Henry

Published by KQBX Press, Southampton and Poole. Signed. Includes the poems:

Turf Accountant
Sand Dollar
Pukka Sahib
Honor System
Brown Study
Prairie Envoy
Park Picnic
Canada Goose
St Martin's Summer
Hanukah Bush
Record Rap
Paperhanger's Measure
Gentleman's Relish
Cold Sentence
Teacher's Pet
Halfway House
Ice Floes
Lenten Visitor

Michael Henry Archive

  • MH
  • Collection
  • c.1900s - 2016

Draft poetry, correspondence and publications relating to the poet Michael Henry

Henry, Michael

"Panto Sphinx" by Michael Henry

Published by Enitharmon Press, Petersfield. Signed. Includes the poems:

Long Quarter
Medea's Cauldron
Quarter Century Club
Aston Down
Taberdar's Disease
Joint Honours
Pheasant Covert
St Martin in the Field
Horehound Candy
Chapel Trifle
Inn of Court
Model for a Monet
Shepherd's Warning
Panto Sphinx
Rosh Hashanah
Buchan's Cold Spell
Valium Picnic
Boarder's Exeat
Iceland Poppy
Hawthorn Effect
Bargain Basement
School Janitor
Hominy Grit
Landed Immigrant
Sitting Lessee
Papa's Menu
Bucket Shop
The Old Man on the Blackboard
Love's Inner Album
Clothes Maiden
Solander Box
Closure Motion
Motion Sickness
Coronation Cushion
School Shakespeare
A Good Story
Shotten Herring
Cream Tea
Room Service
Milk Run
Box Social
Snatch Picture
Pelion and Ossa
Maynooth Catechism
Tijuana Brass
Connemara Marble
Grey Lilac
Witch Hazel
Party Faithful
Pillow Talk
Sleeping Partner
European Express

Poem "A Small Town in Germany"

Published by "Other Poetry" March 2006; Enitharmon Press 2008

Annotated drafts including final draft. Includes note from "Other Poetry" regarding publication of the poem

Poem "A Study in Scripture"

Published by "The Warwick Review" March 2014; Five Season Press 2014

Annotated drafts including final draft. Includes letter and note from Michael Hulse regarding publication of the poem in "The Warwick Review"

Poem "Apprentice Piece"

Published by "Acumen" September 2010; Five Seasons Press 2014

Annotated drafts including final draft. Includes photocopy of poem published in "Acumen"

Poem "Ascent of Cader Idris"

Published by Five Seasons Press 2014

Annotated drafts including final draft. Includes Christmas card from Roger Garfitt with the phrase "in the year of our ascent of Cader!"

Poem "Aston Down"

Published by "Encounter" April 1990; Enitharmon Press 1991

Annotated drafts including final draft. Includes letter from Richard Mayne, Co-editor of "Encounter", to Michael Henry regarding the publication of "Aston Down" and his opinions of other rejected poems 19 August 1988

Poem "Bar Sinister"

Published by Enitharmon Press 1988. Awarded the Honours Award at Cheltenham Competitive Festival 1985

Annotated drafts including final draft. Includes adjudicator's notes for the Cheltenham Competitive Festival and a letter from Joy Hendy, Editor of "Chapman", to Michael Henry regarding the poem 12 March 1985

Poem "Bargain Basement"

Published by "Envoi Anthology" Spring 1988; Enitharmon Press 1991. Awarded second prize by the Cheltenham Poetry Society

Annotated drafts including final draft. Includes handwritten notes on the poem for the Cheltenham Poetry Society

Poem "Battle of Britain"

Published by "Poetry Nottingham" Spring 2008; Enitharmon Press 2008

Annotated drafts including final draft. Includes note from Adrian Buckner, Editor of "Poetry Nottingham", regarding publication

Poem "Bitten by the Muse"

Published by "Poetry Review" Winter 2003 - 2004; Enitharmon Press 2008

Draft and final draft. Includes photocopy of poem printed in "Poetry Review" and a note from The Poetry Society regarding publication

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