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Martin, Yvette

  • P0445
  • Person

Yvette Martin graduated from Loughborough College of Art. Her residency in the Forest of Dean was funded by the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust and South West Arts, running from July to September 1986

Matthews, Andrew

  • P0488
  • Person

Son of Mavis Matthews (née Sheppard), St Mary's College student 1936 - 1938

Matthews, Gwyneth

  • P0489
  • Person

Daughter-in-Law of Mavis Matthews (née Sheppard), St Mary's College student 1936 - 1938

Mattock, Audrey

  • P0033
  • Person

Wife of James S A Mattock, St Paul's College student 1930 - 1932

Mayer, Miss B Y

  • P0291
  • Person

Niece of Gertrude Mayer, St Mary's student 1906 - 1908

Mayhew, Thomas

  • P0434
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1949 - 1951

McIntosh, Caroline

  • P0053
  • Person

Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education student 1992 - 1997
Staff member Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education and University of Gloucestershire

McKeon, Miss V J

  • P0302
  • Person

Granddaughter of George James, Cheltenham Training College student 1862 - 1864

McLachlan, Sue

  • P0397
  • Person

Daughter of Hubert Donald "Birdie" Buckley, St Paul's College student 1932 - 1934, who died during the Second World War

McManus, Susan

  • P0399
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1956 - 1958

Metcalfe, C D

  • P0049
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1930 - 1932

Miller, Ron

  • P0377
  • Person

Lecturer in Divinity and Education and warden at St Paul's College and the College of St Paul and St Mary 1968 - 1986

Mills, Anthony M

  • P0435
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1959 - 1961
Treasurer of the St Paul's College RAG Committee

Mogford, Linda

  • P0246
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1961 - 1964

Mogford, Malcolm

  • P0257
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1960 - 1963

Moiseiwitsch, Tanya

  • P0404
  • Person
  • 3 December 1914 - 19 February 2003

Moiseiwitsch was an international theatre designer, costume designer and the step-daughter of John Drinkwater through his marriage to her mother Daisy Moiseiwitsch. She married Felix Krish, an Assistant Stage Manager at The Oxford Playhouse, in 1942

Moore, Ruth

  • P0471
  • Person

Daughter-in-law of Sylvia McKenzie, Francis Close Hall Library Manager

Morse, Nicholas

  • P0342
  • Person

Son of Vernon Leslie Morse, St Paul's College student 1959 - 1961

Moss, Geoff

  • P0504
  • Person

College of St Paul and St Mary student 1981 - 1985

Mott, Lois

  • P0248
  • Person

St Mary's student 1919 - 1921

Mundy, Claire

  • P0493
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1975 - 1978

Munnings, R J

  • P0365
  • Person

St Paul's student 1905-1907

Myers, Mrs Ruth

  • P0328
  • Person

Niece of H J B Woodfield, St Paul's College student 1921-1923

Nash, David

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  • Person

David Nash was born Esher, Surrey in 1945. After a Foundation Course at Kingston College of Art 1963 - 1964, he studied painting at Brighton College of Art 1964 - 1967, sculpture at Kingston College of Art and sculpture at Chelsea School of Art 1969 - 1970. In 1967 he moved to Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales

David Nash is one of the pioneers of sculpture as a process involving nature and the environment. His work evolves out of a direct relationship with nature and the living forms of trees and he also employs the dynamic elements of fire and water in his sculptures.

He has undertaken commissions and has exhibited in countries throughout the world since 1973 and has work in many major public collections in Europe, North America and Japan. He has also been responsible for numerous publications about his work

Newey, Robert

  • P0374
  • Person

Wife a descendant of Frederick Wilkinson Crofts, Cheltenham Training College student 1904 - 1906

Noble, Lois

  • P0250
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1947 - 1949

Norman, Pearl

  • P0353
  • Person

St Mary’s College student 1944-1946

Osborn, Gordon

  • P0149
  • Person

Old Students' Association Secretary

Owen, Dr Gwen M

  • P0090
  • Person

Dr Gwen Owen was Principal of St Mary’s College from 1970 - 1979. She studied BSc Chemistry, Physics and Botany at the University of London, graduating in 1942. In 1943 she gained a BSc special degree in Chemistry and in 1944 was awarded her Institute of Education and Teacher’s Certificate from the University of London. She taught for two years at Skinners’ Company School for Girls in London before working as a research assistant, first at Bedford College and then at the Department of Chemical Pathology at St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School.

She gained her PhD in 1950 in organic chemistry then returned to teaching at Chatham Girls’ Grammar School then Edgbaston High School for Girls. She later became Head of Science at Walthamstow High School for girls (her old school) before becoming Headmistress of Bighouse Girls’ Grammar School in Yorkshire. Before coming to Cheltenham she was Vice-Principal of St Martin’s College of Education in Lancaster.

The 1970s were a difficult time as the government halved the number of teacher training places on offer. Part of the reason St Mary’s survived was because of its excellent reputation, usually ranked top 3 for women’s colleges nationwide. Gwen was deeply involved in the increased partnership working between St Paul’s College and St Mary’s College, which would eventually lead to amalgamation in 1979. There were also changes to the courses on offer, with the BEd replacing the certificated teaching course (and an increase in the number of firsts awarded during the 1970s), the introduction of a postgraduate certificate in education, the validation of the BSc in Geography and Geology in 1977 and an increase in overseas students, particularly from Rhodesia and Nigeria. By the late 1970s the college welcomed American exchange students through the Brethren Colleges Abroad programme (and we still welcome American exchange students today). The first degree ceremony was held in Cheltenham in 1977 – prior to this students had to travel to Bristol as Bristol University had validated our BEds.

Computers were also first introduced to college in 1974 and the library considerably expanded to keep up with the diversification of courses on offer. In 1976 St Mary’s College became the Open University Centre for Cheltenham and we also began to offer in-service professional part-time courses for existing local teachers. Gwen also oversaw efforts to validate the BA Hons Combined Studies humanities degree, which was introduced just after she left in 1980.

Whilst at St Mary’s Gwen was a member of the Gloucestershire County Education Committee, the Gloucestershire Association of Christian Teachers and Chair of the Gloucestershire Voluntary Overseas Committee.

When she left St Mary’s she took up a post as Research Fellow at the Faculty of Education, University of Birmingham, researching the staffing of colleges of education. In a newspaper article from the time she left she said “from the first time I went to grammar school I knew I wanted to be a teacher”, and “the only way to teach effectively is from a background of knowledge. The college motto is ‘Learn in order that you may teach’ but I think the opposite is just as true”.

Palmer, Annie K

  • P0025
  • Person

St Mary's student 1919 - 1921

Palmer, Mr

  • P0305
  • Person

Former student

Parker, Cornelia

  • P0443
  • Person

Cornelia Parker was born in Cheshire in 1956. She studied at Gloucester College of Art & Design 1974 - 1975, Wolverhampton Polytechnic (BA Hons) 1975 - 1978 and Reading University (MFA) 1980 - 1982. She currently lives and works in London. Since 1980 she has had solo exhibitions in England, France, Germany, Italy and taken part in group exhibitions in England, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Denmark, the USA and the 22nd International Biennal of Sao Paulo

She was nominated for the Turner Prize (Tate Gallery) in 1997, where her featured work was Mass (Colder Darker Matter), a work constructed from the charred remains of a Texas church that was struck by lightening. She has undertaken residencies, projects and commissions in the UK and the USA and has work in many private and public collections including the Tate Gallery London, the Arts Council of England, the British Council and the Saatchi Collection London

Her work Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View (a garden shed and contents blown up for the Artist by the British Army, the fragments suspended on metal wire around a single light bulb), first shown at Chisenhale Gallery London in 1991 and subsequently purchased by the Tate Gallery, featured among the opening displays at the Tate Gallery Modern, Bankside London from May 2000.

Parker, Eileen

  • P0104
  • Person

Daughter of Evelyn Cadman, St Mary's College student 1924 - 1926

Parry, Noel

  • P0344
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1951 - 1953

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