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Dunnett, L G

  • P0240
  • Person

Husband of Florence Eugenia Frost, St Mary's College student c.1924 - 1926

Eacott, Brenda

  • P0047
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1946 - 1948

Edward Thomas Fellowship

  • C0014
  • Corporate body
  • October 1980 - Present

The Edward Thomas Fellowship was founded in 1980 to promote knowledge and appreciation of Edward Thomas's life and works

Edwards, Sidney J

  • P0393
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1925-1927

Eisenhauer, Gary

  • P0469
  • Person

College of St Paul and St Mary/ Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education student 1989 - 1992

Elyan, David

  • P0073
  • Person

Awarded Honorary Fellow of the University of Gloucestershire in 2008
Freeman of the City of London
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

English, D John

  • P0492
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1955 - 1957

Essenhigh, Donald

  • P0078
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1962 - 1965
Son of F C L Essenhigh, St Paul's College student 1930 - 1932

Ette, Gordon

  • P0148
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1927 - 1929

Evans, F I D

  • P0121
  • Person

Vice-Principal of the College of St Paul and St Mary 1979 - 1987

Farnsworth, S T

  • P0385
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1948 - 1950

Fisher, H W

  • P0162
  • Person

St Paul’s student 1906 - 1908

Fisher, J

  • P0183
  • Person

Cheltenham Training College student 1898 - 1900

Fisher, Mrs May

  • P0430
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1928 - 1930

Francis, Derek

  • P0076
  • Person

St Paul’s College student 1948 - 1950

Freeman, H G

  • P0156
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1924 - 1926

Friends of the Dymock Poets

  • C0015
  • Corporate body
  • 1993 - Present

The Friends of the Dymock Poets (FDP) was founded in 1993 to be ‘Friends’ of six poets who had an association with the Dymock area of Gloucestershire, namely Lascelles Abercrombie, Rupert Brooke, John Drinkwater, Robert Frost, Wilfrid Gibson, and Edward Thomas. The FDP promotes and encourages, for the public benefit, knowledge and appreciation of the works and lives of the poets and their families and friends who lived or visited the Dymock area before and during the First World War. It also increases public knowledge and appreciation of the cultural and natural history of the Gloucestershire/Herefordshire/Worcestershire border country.

Frisby, Jan

  • P0197
  • Person

Granddaughter of Kathleen Winifred Rowles neé Brown, St Mary's College student c.1921 - 1923, and Frank Rowles, St Paul's College student 1921 - 1923

Frost, Elsie

  • P0110
  • Person

St Mary’s student 1920 - 1922

Fry, Kenneth

  • P0236
  • Person

St Paul's Practising School pupil c.1931 - 1933

Fryett, Mrs M

  • P0323
  • Person

Niece of Kathleen Penney, St Mary's College student 1922 - 1924

Gabie, Neville

  • P0449
  • Person

Neville Gabie was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1959. He was the Lead Artist for the Year of the Artist projects, Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail 2000 - 2001. This project resulted from a Year of the Artists residency undertaken by Neville Gabie in the autumn 2000 and spring/ summer of 2001. It was realised with the financial assistance of South West Arts, the Forestry Commission and Arnolfini Collection Trust and the co-ordination by Bruce Allan and Samantha Wilkinson. The project was built upon a permanent work which sees the volume of a tree represented in a variety of states – as a permanent installation in the forest – alongside four event based pieces that were documented and presented in printed form

Recent exhibitions and projects include: Solo Exhibition, Civic Gallery Johannesburg 1998; MOMART Artist in Residence. Tate Gallery, Liverpool 1999-2000; Solo Exhibition Hales Galley, London 2000; Solo Exhibition Kirkby Gallery, with Knowsely Art Service and Liverpool Football Club Museum 2001, “POSTS” published Penguin Books 1999; Saskawa International Photography Prize. Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography 2001

Whilst Artist in Residence at the Tate Gallery. Liverpool, the focus of the work was based around areas of urban regeneration. In an on-going project entitled “An A-Z of Empty Spaces” Neville began to consider the spaces and places, once homes and now left vacant. The objects left behind and notions of “home and belonging”. The tower block, Kenley Close was one such building

Galloway, Peter

  • P0491
  • Person

North Gloucestershire College of Technology student 1971 - 1972

Gardner, A G

  • P0002
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1942 - 1944

George, Mary

  • P0477
  • Person

Wife of E John George, St Paul's College student 1945 - 1947

Gibson, Michael

  • P0282
  • Person

Son of Wilfrid Wilson Gibson

Gilbert, Pat

  • P0349
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1946-1948

Gilmour, Ann P

  • P0021
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1956 - 1958

Glen-Jones, Dora

  • P0079
  • Person

St Mary’s student 1912 - 1914

Goddard, Christopher

  • P0508
  • Person

Stepmother married to Ernest Park, St Paul's College student 1928 - 1930

Godden, M

  • P0252
  • Person

St Mary's College student 1936 - 1938

Goer, T C

  • P0400
  • Person

St Paul's College student 1920-1922

Gould, N

  • P0337
  • Person

St Mary's student 1914-1916

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